Healthcare for everybody without social, economic and ethnicity difference

I am Omid a 18 years old student from Italy. I am totally involved in my project with my Team mate from Uganda,Kakooza. Internet played a crucial role to set this long-distance cooperation with him. Why it was important to have a figure as Kakooza in the team? He represent the situation of millions and millions of people suffering from lack of healthcare services. In Uganda, as every in developing countries, it is not common to access Health services, sometimes even in the capital city. Mobile Cardiologist wants to be a solution for First world country  and for In developing countries. In every country there is a lack of knowledge on BLS procedures in the population. We enstablish relationships with "forgot" patients in rural areas. Interviewing it is a rewarding experience: you see people smiling seeing in us a sort a better future. Their trust given to us is the main ingredient that made this project proceed rapidly. Apart from the engineering part of the project, we focus on social aspect. "First Educate People"  this is our phylosophy, our project is useless without a proper education in terms of health. People are the protagonist and we find important to talk to them and guide them in a personal venture towards the "right of health".  What has been achieved? In my city in central italy the courses in the field of First aid doubled and got more organised thanks to our role and help. More participants means more rescuer; more rescuer means less possibility to remain without help in case of hearth failure. We are currently work to distribute defibrillators in Uganda, where ambulances can do 100 km to reach a location, and a person need to be rescued in 5 minutes. The statistic speaks: less than 0,3% survive after a Heart failure. Our work will  also focus on teaching people to use devices to monitor them self at home. Main challenge: internet connection in some location and sometimes difficult to manage an entire project via Internet. Despite this, Uganda and italy are collaborating in a worldwide problem through two teenager. Together we build the solution through population and education.

Thank you to PeaceFirst Staff