H&M pulls controversial image & product due to racist undertones

Racially insensitive image from H&M


Last week, the global clothing retailer, H&M, found itself in a whirl of controversy over a tone-deaf ad they released on their UK website. The ad featured an African-American child wearing a hoodie that read, “Coolest monkey in the jungle.”


Celebrities such as LeBron James, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and The Weeknd spoke out on social media chastising H&M for their racially insensitive imagery. The Weeknd even took it one step further by publicly ending his collaboration with H&M.



Sean “Diddy” Combs reacted by repurposing the image on instagram in a way that celebrated African Americans.



Many were outraged that this image made it through any type of editing process as it recalls racial slurs from historically unjust times.


“We as African Americans will always have to break barriers, prove people wrong and work even harder to prove we belong," ~ LeBron James via Bloomberg


After the immediate backlash, H&M issued an official apology and pulled the image and product off their site. They will no longer be selling this hoodie in any of their locations.


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