Hollywood fails to be inclusive

SNL skit on racism in Hollywood

Saturday Night Live skit providing social commentary on racism in Hollywood. PHOTO CREDIT: NBC via Frank151


Every year, USC Annenberg puts out a comprehensive study analyzing inequality in film representation. Their most recent report covers 1,100 movies over the past ten years, cataloging every independent speaking or named character shown on screen for gender, race/ethnicity, LGBT, and disability.


To much disappointment, the study has found there to be “no meaningful change” over the last 10 years when it comes to diverse racial representation on-screen. White actors make up nearly 71% of speaking characters and the vast majority of films are directed by men.


“Time and time again, U.S.C. Annenberg drops a study highlighting, in immense detail, just how much work Hollywood has cut out for itself if it wants to be an inclusive space. And time and time again, things remain the same.” ~ Yohana Desta via Vanity Fair


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