Hope Against Mental Health Stigma

"You are important"

"Don't give up!"

"Beautiful you"


Esperanza first learned about mental health stigma when she was living in China and realized stigma is a very big problem in China - youth would drop out of school and just stay home. And not long after, Esperanza realized this stigma around mental health exists beyond China and persists in the US as well.

With this in mind and an awareness that many people try to hide their mental health struggles, Esperanza started Stick with Hope, an organization dedicated to helping young people through workshops, curriculum and kindness.

To date, Stick With Hope has reached over 600 people through their care packages, notes of hope, and workshops. Other schools have even asked to have their own chapter, spreading compassion across the community. And through that reach, Esperanza and her team have realized "There may be one person affected directly by mental illness, but many people are affected indirectly by that one person."

Check out Stick With Hope and all of their project updates here.