How I took Plunge?

I Nadia Bibi, Nadia Sarwar born in Mansehra, a city in Hazara division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Im a Final year medical student at Khyber Medical University, Peshawar. In 2013, I completed Bachelors in Science from Government Girls Degree College No.1 Mansehra. I’m entrepreneur and a very fertile content writer. Article writing is my hobby. I’m a blogger, social media marketing manager, social worker, event organizer, creative planer, youth and education activist and speaker.

Being a female belonging to a very remote area Mansehra- a city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it was very difficult for me to build my career as a speaker and as a social activist. People of my hometown are very strict and are not very easygoing being orthodox. The only reason of my success is the support given to me by my parents. My father is very supportive and cooperative. That was the only triggering point for me to achieve this much in my life.

I am the first one (female) in my family to join a medical school and study living far away from my home and parents. This was an honor for me and a source of prestige for my father. I made him proud and this is the real happiness of my life and the purpose of my very existence. I also started working with several different organizations to help myself advance forward and my community develop.

I started earning online at a very young age-in 6th standard. I belong to a very humble background, my father’s income was very low and the resources were not enough to cope with the expenditures of our education. I was not able to continue my studies. Here I had only two choices- either to quit my studies, stay at home by getting married and become a housewife or to take the plunge, creating opportunity for myself and continue my studies. I chose the latter one and from here I started the mighty journey of my career. I started searching for some online work then, I came to know about online writing, blogging and stuff. I continued following some high profile bloggers and read their content regularly. Once I commented on the blog of a foreigner. He was impressed by my thoughts and critical analysis. He wanted me to work for him because he was of the view that I’ve this talent in me and I’ve got some skills. He started assigning me loads of work and bundles of content to write and review. This helped me greatly to enhance and polish my writing skills and to think and ponder on broad scale. I started writing on different niche like health, beauty, body building, drugs-their use and misuse. In 2009, I started writing on blogs. And became a well-known blogger in 2010. I also wrote online for some groups i-e Digistripe, Neil’s sites, American snacks etc. I started earning this way. The money I earned from online working greatly helped to make the financial status of my family better as well as helped me and my siblings to continue studies without any difficulty and hindrance.

I hope to continue learning, helping my community, and to continue to strive for the development and progress of my country.