Immigration in the US: Finding Solutions Through Support

Heard the audio of children screaming and crying?

Seen the pictures of kids in cages?

Read the stories of families being forcibly separated?

As we learn of what's happening at the US/Mexico border - families being separated, asylum seekers being uniformly denied, children being detained - heartbreak and hopelessness are normal reactions. This is hard and upsetting to think about and live with and a solution can feel out of reach. Especially for those of us not near where this is taking place and without the funds to donate to an organization. But you CAN take action right there in your own community!

Take the following projects from young people across the US. They're not right on the border, but they're finding solutions to support the immigrant populations in their communities and raise awareness for the millions of immigrants here and abroad.

Get inspired!

RISE: Refugee and Immigrant Student Education

"RISE works to connect, engage, and empower the New Haven immigrant and refugee community. We foster inclusion and tolerance through weekly in-school and in-home tutoring visits and monthly community engagement events.

"At the end of this semester, we have managed to reach over 60 tutors with a variety of language abilities that serve over 200 immigrants and refugees within the greater New Haven area. Weekly sessions have resulted in improvement of English ability and eased transitions. The students, teachers, and families have enjoyed the project thus far. We create community events to bring together these different groups and foster inclusivity."

Refugee Care Initiative

"Due to the recent unfavorable political events, there has been an association present with refugees and those who harm the country. For this particular reason, many refugees not only struggle with cultural and health issues but also social problems because of the societal rejection they face constantly.

"Therefore, the Refugee Care Initiative provides portable nutrition to refugees in collaboration with Refugee Services around the United States that fit their cultural needs."

English Learners Scared to Practice English

"My team got to meet different types of ELD students and learn about the struggles they go through after moving to the United States. They understand that they are afraid and feel out of place. They are unaware of all the opportunities our community has to offer them and we know that they hold a burden of being immigrants every day. We learned about the burden they carry from home after arriving to the US when we talked about planning and scheduling. We realized that these students are scared and we just have to make an effort to reach out to them so they branch out."

Inspired to start your own project? Get started here.