Improving Mental Health in the UK: Spot the Signs

"It's the little things that are overlooked."

Afraid to ask for help, Naomi struggled with panic attacks and clinical anxiety for over a year. Alone. But eventually, Naomi found the courage to reach out to Childline, a UK counseling service for young people, and found help and support.

Through this experience and journey to a healthy place, it became apparent to Naomi that she was not alone - there are many young people like her, dealing with their mental health alone, afraid to ask for help. So she started Spot the Signs, a bilingual program that educates young people through workshops on mental illness and how you can find help:

"Our aim is to bilingually educate people to spot the signs of mental illness or poor mental health in young people whilst allowing young people's voices and views to be central to our development."

Naomi and her organization are doing incredible work to help UK youth of any background in their struggles with mental health. She is a peacemaker. Join Naomi and other peacemakers like her by signing up for the UK Challenge here.