An Interview Series with After School App


We partnered with After School App for an interview series with 10 teen peacemakers across the country, each one sharing their story and how they’re making a difference in their community right now.

Check them out. Learn more about how young people are taking action. Meet these awesome young people. Get inspired!

Including Bullies in the Solution: Jeremiah Anthony

“You have to recognize that the person in front of you is just a human and no different than you and I. We all want the same things.”

Empowering Young Women Jasmine Babers

“You do what you can; you do it well; you stand for what you believe in, even if standing by yourself.”

Empathy, Diversity Training for Young People: Amit Dodani

“If young people have empathy and practice it on a daily basis as a skill, they will be able to use it to drive change.”

Peacemaking on Purpose: Fish Stark

“Sometimes you need to have the audacity to say ‘I’m going to go out and try this and I know it’s not going to be perfect.’ But you also need to have the humility to say, ‘I’m going to learn from what I did that wasn’t perfect and make it better.’”

Teaching Tolerance: Tiffani Alexander

“You may not take seriously my goals and my plans, but when you see everything come to fruition, you have to take me seriously.”

Education to Stop Transgender Injustice: Eli Erlick

“The most powerful change comes from collective action, when you work together. Finding others you can work with is an extremely important part of changing society and also getting started. I owe everything I’ve done to the people I work with.”

Stopping Gun Violence and Running for Office: Mary-Pat Hector

“You can either sit around and wait for someone to save you, or you can be that change you want to see.”

Making NC More Supportive for LGBTQ Youth: Brennan Lewis

“I think a lot of the time, young people feel like their voices aren’t being heard, they feel like maybe they have a really great idea or are dealing with problems in their schools and people just aren’t listening.”

Battling Bullying with Empathy: Matthew Kaplan

“We’re ready because we’re the best poised to make a difference. The problems the world is facing we are exposed to and experience every day. Who better understands the way that bullying manifests itself in schools than students that are in school? We are ready and we have to be ready.”

Inspired by the stories of these peacemakers? Join their community today and begin your own peacemaking journey, right here.