Journey as a Peacemaker

I came to know about Peace first through word of mouth.

I have always wanted to work in the field of civic engagement. Ever since my involvement at 'We' for Change in 2013, I have been focused on youth civic engagement for peace building. So, when I came across Peace first, I was excited to become a part of the journey. 

It was amazing to see idea documented in papers come into reality. When my team members showed interest to be a part of Peace Jamboree, I was thrilled. Things got easier and smooth when members started to pitch in their ideas to make this project effective. 

We even got introduced to Mr. Pratap Adhikari, who simplified the entire process of project implementation. After reaching the project site, we met concerned authorities of school administration and youth leaders. The intensive meeting enabled us to understand the ground level issue in Southern plains, especially concerning the issue of Province 2. 

It was equally a pleasure to implement games and sports. Children were excited to participate in the game activities. Usually they don't have extra curricular activities included in their curriculum so when we arrived at the schools, students were excited to be a part of this. Also, youths altogether were very interactive and supportive of the project activities. 

Distribution of sports games to girls of Saptari.

Sushmina B.

June 07, 2018

Thank you Dalton!
Dalton B.

June 07, 2018

What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing