Judge lifts Military #TransBan

Transgender military ban protest

One protestor comforts another during a protest in Smithtown, NY July 27.
PHOTO CREDIT: Jill Webb via TBR Newsmedia


A federal judge ruled earlier this month that the military must start accepting transgender recruits starting January 1, 2018. The court’s decision blocks a ban by the Trump administration announced in July that would not allow new transgender troops to enlist.


Trump administration lawyers have argued that the military will be “seriously and irreparably harmed if forced” to allow transgenders to enlist on January 1st. They claimed that recruiters haven’t had enough time to be trained in the “complex and multidisciplinary nature” of transgender medical issues. The judge struck down this argument as he was not persuaded that there would be any irreparable injuries to military members and that recruiters have had nearly a year and a half to prepare since the Obama administration announced the enlistment of new transgender troops.


The Department of Justice is appealing the court's order, but transgenders can begin to enlist while the case is reviewed further. This is a small victory for transgender rights, but with an appeal in the works, it means there is still much to be done to secure equality for the LGBTQ community.



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