Judge rules to keep TPS for legal immigrants

Temporary Protected Status

What is TPS? Find out with this short video via CNN


In a series of anti-immigrant decisions, the Trump administration has been rapidly ending special protections for legal immigrants. Temporary Protected Status (known as TPS) has allowed immigrants from war-torn or disaster-ridden countries to live and work legally in the United States. In January, Trump announced the end of TPS for immigrants from El Salvador, requiring them to leave the country next year.


In stark opposition to the administration, a federal judge in San Francisco has just blocked the Trump administration from ending protections for these legal immigrants. This ruling affects people from Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti, and El Salvador, who have been granted protected status until the situation of war or natural disasters improves back in their home countries. The court argued that the administration’s decision to eliminate TPS was motivated by racism, demonstrated by some of Trump's vulgar comments.


"This shows that Trump’s move to terminate TPS was based on his racial motivations and not in any law or consideration of safety. With the suit still in court, Congress must act to create a pathway to legal residency and make the protections permanent." ~ via a statement by Working Families United (NBC News)


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