Kirah's Healthy Heart

Kirah, from Tacoma, was a Channel Kindness Award winner last summer for her work in helping her local animal shelter through a peacemaking project. Now she's telling her story on the Channel Kindness platform.

"There are so many resources available for people struggling with mental health issues (and dear reader, if you are, too, I encourage you to seek them because help really is available), but at the time,I didn’t know that I could ask for help."

Kirah opens up about her childhood surgery to correct a heart condition and how that experience affected her sense of self. She talks about bullying, feeling isolated and eventually finding community through Lady Gaga. Now Kirah is an incredible peacemaker and storyteller.

"I still struggle with having my scar show, and I do still have panic attacks and bouts of really dark depression. When I do feel even the slightest twitch of any of it coming back, I’ve found that helping others and putting my focus on something much more positive helps a lot. I may not be 100 percent yet, but I’m still learning to work through my struggles , and I’m finding a million reasons to stay positive."

Read her story here.