Making LGBTQ History at the Winter Olympics

Adam Rippon - First American Olympic athlete to compete as openly gay

Adam Rippon reacts after his performance that helped the United States win bronze in the team skate event. PHOTO CREDIT: AP via Yahoo! Sports


At the Winter Olympics in South Korea this year, athletes from the LGBTQ community are making history. Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy are the first Americans to compete at the Winter Olympics while openly gay. Adam just won a bronze medal for the U.S. in figure skating, while Gus will be competing as a freestyle skier.


In a recent interview, Adam “proudly notes he’s gay, [and] like every other human he isn’t solely defined by who he chooses to love.”


“I go out there, it’s not, oh, ‘I was a young gay kid.’ I think everyone can relate to being different or feeling like they are not good enough or they’ll never make it because they are from a small town. I had those doubts too. I can go out there and show those young kids anything is possible. It doesn’t matter where you are from or what other people say about you, you can put that all behind you, you can go out there and show the world what you have to offer.” ~ Adam Rippon via Yahoo! Sport




Eric Radford also made history as the first openly gay Olympic champion in the history of the Winter Games. He just won a gold medal for Canada in team figure skating.



To be growing up in the year 2018, it can be quite shocking to read that we are just now having our first openly gay athletes compete. In past Olympic games, LGBTQ athletes were afraid to compete openly as they feared negative repercussions from the international panel of judges.


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