May Day


Today, thousands gathered across the country to march and protest for May Day, a.k.a. International Worker’s Day. May Day has a deep history with the labor movement and is often a day of protest for labor unions around the world. This year, activists used #MayDay to stand in solidarity with immigrants and build upon the momentum from a Day Without Immigrants.   The American Civil Liberties Union, together with the Center for Community Change Action, Reform Immigration for America, FIRM (Fair Immigration Reform Movement), M Power Change and others worked to organize marches in support of immigrant rights nationwide. They provided comprehensive resources to get people educated and to encourage civic engagement. Participants took action in five different ways:  

  1. Striking in solidarity – Refusing to work May 1
  2. Attending a rally or march
  3. Boycotting – Not buying anything on May 1
  4. Posting "No Ban. No Wall. No Raids." posters in their neighborhood
  5. Wearing yellow

  According to the NY Times, more than 4,000 people joined May Day marches in Grand Rapids, MI, which was double the amount on strike during a “Day Without Immigrants” in February. About a quarter of students in the local school district were also absent. In L.A., tens of thousands marched in support of immigrants and sanctuary for refugees.  

If you missed out today, worry not, the ACLU has a fantastic tool to find upcoming events near you so we can keep fighting the good fight.   Join a community of peacemakers and create a project for civic engagement and racial injustice today!