My Story as a Peacemaker: Kylee McCumber

Hi I’m Kylie I’m 14 and I’m from Leominster in Massachusetts. When I’m not doing peacemaking work, I go on vacations with my family, I hang out with friends. I take care of my little sister, who’s 3, who I absolutely adore and I hang out with my family and go swimming that’s pretty much it.

I’m working towards fighting childhood hunger and I’m doing this because no child should have to go to bed hungry; and it's not right that children are going to bed hungry, especially in countries that are already developed and it's not fair to the children and it not fair to everyone else. It’s particularly important to me because that could be me. That could be anyone of us no one knows what tomorrow’s gonna bring. No one knows, “Oh hey tomorrow, I’m going to lose my job”.

So our main focus was to provide them the food for the weekends. My first conversations were basically: What can we do? What will be approved through school committees and boards and how are we going to do it?

My project is Kylee’s Kare Kits for Kidz, which is actually a non-profit, and I started when I was ten and the fourth grade and I noticed considering breakfast before school started. So our first week we had eight kids that were providing care kits to get them through Saturday and Sunday. Now, almost five years later we have over 300 kids which are in all nine public schools of Leominster and the fall we’re gonna be expanding to Winchendon MA and Hudson MA.

By doing this work, I've learned that I'm a stronger person than I give myself credit for. I’ve had to deal with a lot, between my own personal life trying to coordinate everything, trying to make sure everyone's happy with what they’re receiving and just doing all the details, and behind the scenes work, finances, banking, everything.

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