“The myth of transgender women being harmful is a part of rape culture."

Eli continues to lend her voice to national moments; in a recent Yahoo.com story on the fallout of the Amazon show Transparent, Eli was quoted on the importance of changing the narrative around trans people.

"Almost everyone in the U.S. has now seen anti-transgender ads for bathroom bills, claiming that we only want access to restrooms for nefarious reasons rather than simply being able to pee."

In light of the charges of sexual harassment towards trans actors and staff by Transparent star, cis-male actor Jeffrey Tambor, Eli wants to focus on ending the continued politicization of trans bodies and experiences.

But despite these seeming setbacks in progress, Eli is excited by what she is seeing:

“People are finally listening to trans women for the first time, which is wonderful.”

Read the article Eli appears in here.

And if you're inspired by her activism, stand with Eli and make your promise to peace, today.