Now THIS is a Slam Dunk: Celtics Playbook

First, let me apologize for the title of this post. I am so sorry I made that "joke".

NOW, let's get into why what the Celtics are doing is so cool! They collaborated with student leaders from Lawrence and North Andover to create a "playbook" that empowers young people to stop being bystanders and take action against intolerance:

"According to the students who created [the scenerios], these situations are realistic and relevant. Our collective hope is that by studying this Playbook, either individually or in large or small groups, students will be more equipped to intervene in safe, yet effective ways when they witness injustice."

The curriculum covers everything from racial injustices to gender inequality to religious tolerance. And since this was created by the very audience it aims to serve, it's real. The scenarios are real. The questions are real. The solutions are real.

So go ahead, hit this guaranteed 3-pointer and download their Playbook. (sorry again...) 

And then put their ideas into action by joining our Peace First Challenge!