Pacific Climate Change March

Fighting environmental injustice - Pacific Climate Change March, Fiji

Shailene Woodley joins the PICAN Standing March for Climate Hope  #JustTransition #PlasticFreePacific #SaveOurOcean #SaveOurOceanAs we celebrated our independence here in the U.S., youth were gathering on the other side of the world to march for climate justice. In Fiji, the Pacific Climate Change March was held to advocate for a “just transition” to sustainable energy, a low carbon economy, and ecological justice. It was organized by the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network (PICANand even garnered the support of Hollywood actress and star of the Divergent series, Shailene Woodley.



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  This standing march was organized to show support for Pacific Island leaders who are meeting at the Climate Action Pacific Partnership conference in Fiji, as well as to send a message to leaders at the G20 Summit in Germany. With Pacific Islands being on the frontline of climate change, they urge the U.S. to reconsider leaving the Paris Agreement.  

"It's still possible to avoid climate chaos. We want to remind our Pacific leaders of that. There are still options, decisions ahead, that can and will, change the course of history." ~ Matisse Walkden-Brown, Pacific for Greenpeace

  Rising global temperatures have affected the Pacific by raising the temperature of the oceans and thus destroying coral reefs and fisheries. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for fishermen to fish sustainably when the entire marine ecosystem is threatened by global warming. For the Pacific Islands, fighting climate change is a matter of pure survival.  

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