The Party Project

The issue that I am addressing is the lack of means for low-income/homeless families to have the items needed to celebrate birthdays. SNAP (food stamps) does not cover most items needed for a birthday party and a family with limited income most likely feels other expenses such as electric bills, medication etc. are more important to spend on. I feel that every child’s birthday should be celebrated regardless of financial situation, and have therefore created the Party Project. The Party Project helps create birthday kits for low-income/homeless families to utilize for parties. These kits include all the items needed for a birthday party for 8-10 people, including decorations, cake, candles, birthday cards, and special treats. I have partnered with six local social service agencies in my area to help distribute the birthday kits to their clientele as needed.

Adrian B.

February 01, 2018

Hi Leah! Thanks for updating us on your work and your interview for this article--and congratulations! Please keep us posted on how everything is going. :)
Leah H.

January 31, 2018

The Arab American Institute did a nice follow-up on the Party Project on their blog as I was a recipient of the Helen Abbott Community Service Award last year.…
RaulPF C.

January 03, 2018

Thanks for sharing, Leah!
Leah H.

January 02, 2018

I was inspired to do the Party Project because of past volunteer work I had participated in with my Girl Scout troop. We have hosted a Halloween party for our local shelter for the past several years and the kids & families always have such a great time, so when I was trying to decide on a Girl Scout Gold Award project, I thought birthdays!!! Because unlike Christmas, which has Toys for Tots (a great organization) there isn’t anything in my community for other “holidays”.

I contacted the shelter that my troop has worked with and proposed the idea to them. They agreed that there was definitely a need and then I contacted other agencies that serve homeless and low-income youth and got my Girl Scout Service Unit involved and lots of community support! It’s been fun, I love delivering the birthday kits when there are kids around... they’re so excited, even if their birthday isn’t coming up!!!
Fish S.

December 31, 2017

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Leah! This is super cool! I'm wondering how you got the idea to start this project -- what inspired you?