Peace First Announces First Class of Youth International Fellows-In-Residence To Lead Global Work


Boston, MA, August 16th, 2019: Peace First is so proud to introduce their first class of Fellows-in-Residence - a team of seven of the world’s leading youth activists, movement leaders, and social entrepreneurs, hailing from five continents. During their year-long residency at Peace First, Fellows-in-Residence will lead the Peace First program operations across more than 135 countries, recruiting, coaching, and distributing grants to young people working for peace and justice in their communities.


This is an unprecedented investment in young people’s power to lead change. Our world tells young people they're not ready to lead, but history -- and the work young people are doing to change the world right now -- shows us that's not true. Young people have always been at the forefront of change, without being treated as leaders. Peace First is committed to building a model of what shared intergenerational leadership looks like: where young people are trusted and valued partners in the work, not just service recipients. We're excited to support our Fellows-in-Residence to build a movement of young peacemakers from all over the world.



“Working with young people and focusing on peace-making projects is my passion, so I feel most energized by work that involves direct contact with youth communities,” Brennan said on accepting their position as a Fellow-In-Residence.

“I'm looking forward to learning from the young people who start projects with Peace First. I can't wait to brainstorm new ways for Peace First to build momentum with partner organizations across the globe! I want to position youth as leaders, innovators, and creators within our culture. Most of all, I'm excited to work with an international team of Fellows-in-Residence, who can share very different experiences and perspectives from my own.”


The Fellows-In-Residence

Hammed Kayode Alabi - Lagos, Nigeria 

Sushmina Baiyda - Nepal 

Mohammad Sammour - Jordan

Brennan Lewis - North Carolina, USA 

Josiane Atallah - Lebanon 

Mariano Miranda - Costa Rica

Tahmid Islam - London, UK

About Peace First: A global non-profit that believes young people are our most powerful resource to create a just and peaceful world. Our work supports young people’s ideas to solve injustices with digital tools, caring adult mentors, and actual dollars. The Allstate Foundation, Red Cross, and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation have joined us to invest two-million dollars in thousands of youth-led solutions to problems in over 90 countries. Go to to see some amazing stories of young people leading with courage, compassion, and collaboration and to learn about our work supporting the youth-led movement.


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Submitted by Amatallah A. on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 14:57


I am excited to work within a wonderful team of peacemakers
I am very happy to join you
Especially as a young person, I feel that peace is the duty of making it in my country, which is subjected to war and despicable racism, which took the youth in Yemen to the crematoriums of death.