Peace First Used To Be Peace Games

A long, long time ago, in the same city we're in now, Peace First began as Peace Games.

Co-Founder and current CEO, Eric Dawson, started Peace Games when he was a student at Harvard. Collaborating with fellow students, they developed a curriculum based on play to teach young people the skills of peacemaking. Classic camp games, like pass the hula-hoop or cup-and-string or the human knot, became more than just ways to get to know each other.

Peace Games from way back!

With the patented Peace Games debrief, these games were transformed into opportunities to flex those peacemaking muscles. Following these games, Eric and his peers prompted students to reflect on what they learned, observed and felt. By turning these fun games into an opportunity to talk about courage, compassion, and collaboration, Peace Games showed thousands of young people they already have the skills of peacemaking.

Got ideas on how you could turn games into peacemaking? Tell us and start a peacemaking project!