Peacemakin' Ain't Magic, But These Peacemakers Are!

The Harry Potter Alliance, a Peace First Partner, has been finding the magic in young people and empowering them to make a difference for a while now and we're so excited to see them here on our platform!

One user is seeking to address handicap accessibility in their community because they've seen first-hand the challenges someone in a wheelchair may face on a day-to-day basis. Their idea? Something we love - games!

Wheelchair games!

Using their love for Harry Potter and passion to raise awareness around handicap accessibility, this young person has developed a BRILLIANT idea to combine Quidditch and an awareness campaign! Learn more here.

 Down with the Dursleys is another project from the Harry Potter Alliance. In this work, Journey is looking to address abuse in it's more subtle forms - psychological and emotional. Using a bracelet campaign, Journey is looking to combine school spirit with Harry Potter style to raise awareness around this issue. Find out more about her Dumbledore Army here.

And if you're inspired by these stories, you can add your own here.