Peacemaking From Seed to Harvest: Good to Grow Green

Peace First Challenge team, Good to Grow Green, has grown into Floyd County Indiana, where their aeroponic garden and curriculum will be used in classrooms.

Following a successful food drive, which raised 8,000 food items, some of the young people involved took note of the contents of those items - almost HALF was Ramen noodles packages. Through discussion, they determined that while the food drive was a success, it could be better. It could be healthier, which, in the long run, would be more impactful for low-income families.

“That’s when we thought we need to help the youth in our community and the families as well,” Parker Romney, co-founder of Good to Grow Green, explained.

Parker, along with some of his peers from the food drive, then developed Good to Grow Green, which provides classrooms a verticle aeroponic gardens. But more than providing the opportunity to grow healthy food, Parker and his team provide educational opportunities to the students eating their fresh lettuce so they understand how that will help and impact their learning experience.

This recent expansion into Floyd County is a big step in their continued plans to grow Good to Grow Green and provide healthy pathways to young people, no matter their income bracket.

Read more about their recent growth in the News and Tribune of New Albany.

And if you're inspired by their work, you can start your own peacemaking project here.