Phipps Neighborhood Sonia Sotomayor Bulldogs Are Back in the News!

"The project, dubbed Community Watch, started as a paper map on a wall with a $250 budget. But, by December, it will be a website with an interactive map where neighbors can submit tips anonymously."

The Phipps Neighborhood Sonia Sotomayor Bulldogs from the Bronx just needed some money to get their idea off the ground, which is where Peace First came in.

This team of young people had noticed a number of issues in their neighborhood and wanted to track it, so they came up with an anonymous phone line. Then, with the support of Peace First, some real ca$h money, and brainstorming with peers, the Phipps team is expanding and getting some attention.

Check out the local coverage of the team here and here.

And if you're inspired by their story and want some money to get your idea off the ground, join Peace First here!