Protests against Hate around the Nation

Civic engagement - Protests in Boston against hate    Some demonstrators marched from Roxbury Crossing to Boston Common on August 19, 2017. PHOTO CREDIT: Hilary Swift / The New York Times[/caption]   Over the weekend, an estimated 40,000 people gathered in Boston to protest against hate. They organized as a counter-protest to a “Free Speech” rally which drew about a dozen or so supporters. The rally was scheduled to last 2 hours but ended after less than an hour with a pre-organized police escort to help minimize any violence between rally attendees and the outpouring of counterprotesters. The weekend was mostly peaceful with some minor clashes and few arrests for disorderly conduct.  

“This city has a history of fighting back against oppression, whether it’s dumping tea in the harbor or a bunch of dudes standing around with bandannas screaming at neo-Nazis.” ~ a 21-year-old protester who identified himself only as “Frosty” via NY Times

  People of all ages stood up to hate and racism shouting chants such as, “No Nazis! No K.K.K.! No fascist U.S.A.!” Boston held the largest protest, but this rise of civic engagement hasn’t been limited to the northeast. Cities across the nation have seen thousands come out in support of peace and justice. From Atlanta to Dallas to Laguna Beach, CA, protests erupted across the country against white supremacy, racism and the presence of Confederate monuments.  

How can we as peacemakers continue to stand on the side of justice and peace for all? What can we do in our communities to encourage civic engagement and racial justice?   Join a community of peacemakers and create a project for civic engagement today!