Rise in LGBTQ characters on TV

Will & Grace

Eric McCormack and Ben Platt in Will & Grace.
DIT: Chris Haston/NBC via The Guardian


A recent report from GLAAD has found that LGBTQ characters are at an all-time high on television. The annual Where We Are on TV report determined that 8.8% of regular characters expected to appear in the next year on US network television are LGBTQ. This is up from last year where LGBTQ representation on TV was at just 6.4%. Most notably, the report found that half of LGBTQ characters represented were people of color.


“With anti-LGBTQ policies being debated here and abroad, the stories and characters on television are more critical than ever before to build understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ people.” ~ Sarah Kate Ellis, Glaad’s CEO and president via The Guardian


Netflix was named as the streaming service with the highest number of LGBTQ characters and was praised for its inclusivity. Within the next two years, GLAAD wants to make sure that the industry has at least 10% of its regular characters as LGBTQ. They say it is important so that our entertainment actually reflects the world we live in where 1 in 10 people in America are gay.


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