Students Stepping Up To Racism

Students in Coatesville Area High School in Pennsylvania are standing up and walking out to fight an influx in racism in their community. After a racism-fueled text exchange between students was posted on Snapchat, 200 students at Coatesville organized a school-wide walk-out in response to the lack of action taken by the school.

"This event was just a beginning for what we believe of changing the heart and mindset of a community and its opinions on people who don’t necessarily fit the mold." -Tyrel Bladen, a Coatesville senior and organizer

This event is reminiscent of Peace First Fellow and Board member Wei Chen's experience at his own Philadelphia high school. Faced with daily incidents of racism, Wei held the school accountable for the lack of action and successfully sued the district to ensure better protection for immigrant students.

Read the entire story on Coatesville here.

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