Thousands march in Germany to protest Anti-Semitism

Anti-semitism protest in Germany

People of different faiths wear the Jewish kippah during a demonstration against antisemitism in Germany in Erfurt, Germany, April 25, 2018.
PHOTO CREDIT: AP Photo/Jens Meyer


Yesterday, Germans turned out en masse to protest anti-Semitism. Thousands marched in cities across Germany in response to an anti-Semitic attack that took place recently in Berlin. Two young men wearing Jewish skullcaps, commonly known as kippas, were assaulted and video footage of the incident subsequently went viral.


This assault caused a lot of public outrage, especially considering the recent rise of anti-Semitic incidents in Germany. Last year, more than 1,400 anti-Semitic incidents were documented in Germany.


“It cannot be that in Germany there is any kind of anti-Semitism — not in schools, not in public, not at work, not in politics, nowhere. This cannot be happening. Germany has to live up to its special responsibility.” ~ Elard Zuehlke, a 26-year-old non-Jewish Berliner, via AP


Thousands gathered and donned the traditional kippa in solidarity for all those of the Jewish faith. In Berlin, more than 2,000 people, including Christians, Muslims, and atheists, put on kippas in protest of the rising anti-Semitism their country has witnessed.


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