On Tour with Kindness

"There's always a way to help those in need, regardless of what resources you may have, and there's always an opportunity to channel kindness into the lives of others."

-Taylor, Indianapolis Channel Kindness Award Winner

In 2017, when their co-founder Lady Gaga traveled the US on her Joanne World Tour, Born This Way Foundation followed along on their Channel Kindness Tour, working to inspire and promote Lady Gaga’s vision of kindness and bravery in each community they visited.

In eight cities, Born This Way Foundation partnered with Peace First to launch the first-ever Channel Kindness Awards, designed to celebrate, empower, and inspire brave young leaders to put kindness into action.

The Channel Kindness Awards were created based on the belief that young people can create a kinder world right now -- not sometime in the future.

Born This Way Foundation issued the challenge -- and young people rose to it.

They wrote cards for refugees in Boston. They organized donations for LGBTQ homeless youth in Salt Lake City. They put on an age-inclusive, trans-inclusive drag show in Dallas. They collected books with diverse protagonists in St. Louis.

Together, the compassionate, courageous, powerful winners of the Channel Kindness Awards organized tens of thousands of acts of kindness in their communities.

And they’re just getting started.

Meet the Winners from each city:

Tacoma, WA Channel Kindness Award Winner: Kirah, 17

Chicago, IL Channel Kindness Award Winner: Shay, 20

Boston, MA Channel Kindness Award Winner: Max, 14

Indianapolis, IN Channel Kindness Award Winner: Taylor, 19

St. Louis, MO Channel Kindness Award Winner: Em, 15

Atlanta, GA Channel Kindness Award Winner: Max, 17

Dallas, TX Channel Kindness Award Winner: Kilo, 20

Salt Lake City, UT Channel Kindness Award Winner: Savannah, 13