The Tragedy of Stephon Clark

Stephon Clark's family

 Salena Manni, the fiancee of police shooting victim Stephon Clark, holds the couple’s son, Aiden as she is hugged by Cecilia McClenton at a rally calling for police reform on Saturday.
PHOTO CREDIT: Rich Pedroncelli/AP via The Guardian


Last month, a young black man by the name of Stephon Clark was killed by police officers in Sacramento, CA. Police were responding to a call about someone breaking into cars and ended up shooting and killing Stephon in his grandmother’s backyard. They claimed he had a gun but it was later discovered to only be an iPhone.


Stephon was just 22-years-old and an autopsy revealed that he was shot a total of eight times with six of those shots in the back. This contradicted the police officers’ stories and combined with the fact that both officers muted their body cams during the incident, a lot of shade has been thrown in their direction.


Hundreds have been gathering day after day in Sacramento to protest for police reform. They have also demanded that the police officers involved in Stephon’s death be fired. This is just the latest incidence to fuel the Black Lives Matter movement and draw attention to the immense injustice revolving around race and policing.



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