Understanding LGBT

I am a university student from a very conservative country, Azerbaijan. In a society like mine, LGBT issues are both very persistent and a taboo topic. What pushed me to take a step to the change was unlawful arrests of about a hundred innocent gay men and transgender women in my city. The society, to my frustration, was in favor of such acts by the government. In this situation, I started thinking of possible reasons why people would support arrests of innocent people. The answer was simple: they do not understand. They do not understand what homosexuality actually means. Informing people in my community on LGBT matters became my main goal ever since. Knowing how conservative my society is, I knew I shouldn't go too extreme, that's why I chose explaining homosexuality in scientific terms: why it is not a disease/choice/perversion/unnatural/destructive/etc. Because you can't discriminate against someone if you realize they have no control over their sexuality. I spent weeks on research, presentation, even designed brochures to reach a wider audience. And finally, I was able to launch Equality Azerbaijan, and an LGBT info-session as a debut event. Although I started this project alone, we're slowly but surely growing. Our next event is set to take place very soon.

You might, and most probably will, face various challenges along the way. You might want to give up and curl into a ball. I know I did. But don't let anything stop you. Don't let anyone grind you down. I promise, what you do is worth it and will change you for the better, forever.