A Unique Vermont Election

Vermont's most recent primary election made state history with Christine Hallquist, a transgender woman, winning the Democratic primary for governor. And she'll make national history if she beats her GOP opponent in November by becoming the first openly transgender Governor.

"Look to Vermont. We continue to demonstrate leadership in civil rights and how to honor and work with each other. We can be a beacon for the rest of the world."

And adding to the excitement of the election, Christine had to beat Ethan Sonneborn, who at 14 years-old was not able to vote for himself. Due to the Vermont state Constitution not setting an actual age requirement to run for governor, Ethan was able to collect enough signatures to get his name on the ballot.

“It’s on us to build our own future. You’ve got to get involved, you’ve got to vote, you’ve got to knock on doors. It’s how we’re going to make the changes we want to see in the state, in this country, in this world. When we get involved, we make our democracy stronger.”

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