Waiting for Justice

On February 10, 24-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina was arrested and detained, along with his father, in Seattle. Despite his DACA status that has enabled him to live peacefully and raise his son while working, he was subject to accusatory interrogations making him out to be a criminal and a gang member.


After waiting almost 2 months, Medina's case is at the hands of a judge who will determine his release, and whether or not his case moves on to federal court. He is not the only one. Since President Trump's newly militarized direction regarding immigration and reasons for deportation, there has been an increase in arrests of people of undocumented status. 

Man holds protest sign against ICE and for immigration

Much like Medina's case, many of these arrests are made on hollow claims that are fundamentally false. Undocumented people face this fear of unjust detainment every day, and the role of local community and justice seeking individuals has never been more important. 

What can we do? 

Local government has the chance to help protect their people with a "sanctuary city/state". Find out ways to get involved in your community to make sure that people like Medina are not forced into imprisonment or deportation without proper legal intervention. 

Is this an issue you are passionate about? Check out some Peace First projects that you might be interested in and see how young people are tackling injustice.