Warm Paws for the Winter - A Channel Kindness Award Winner Event

We have partnered with Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation and their Channel Kindness program to recognize the contributions of young people who are improving their schools and communities through acts of kindness.


Kirah (center) poses with Peace First staff at her event

Kirah's incredible compassion for the furry friends she cares for while volunteering at the Auburn Valley Humane Society is evident from the get-go - and she applied for the Channel Kindness Awards to spread that kindness and care for animals to everyone in her community. With support from Peace First and the Born This Way Foundation, Kirah was able to create an event that brought her vision of kindness to life.

A series of images of the service work Kirah and her friends worked on - tie dying, collar decorating

Kirah’s Channel Kindness event -- Warm Paws for the Winter -- put kindness in-action by bringing together a crowd of volunteers to tie-dye blankets and decorate collars for the animals at the Auburn Valley Humane Society. Over 25 volunteers, young and old, all organized by Kirah, came together to make the supplies.

A table of volunteers hard at work

The Humane Society will be distributing the blankets and collars for free to new pet owners over the next few weeks!

A beautiful tie-dyed blanket

Kirah was blown away by the recognition she received -- first by the Born This Way Foundation at her event, and then when she met Lady Gaga’s parents at the Lady Gaga concert later that night - an enormous honor for a big-time superfan!

Inspired by Kirah's work in her community? We're here to help you put on your own event like Kirah - start here.