We are not the future.

Discussing everything from "a young entrepreneur's guide to success" to "the role of youth in conflict prevention and sustaining peace", the UN hosted #Youth72 this week to give a spotlight to young leaders across the globe. And while the topics of conversation varied, there was a resounding theme - that young people are not the future, but ready right now to take action and help their communities.

"We cannot consider 'peace' in the same way we have in the past. We have to let the youth decide what it means and what it will mean in their own lives."

-Ella Okko, Finland

"We need to play a big role and be at the decision-making table and in the implementation of anything that has to do with peace. If we're not making any decisions - if we're not partners, but just beneficiaries, it's not going to be as effective."

-Leonardo Párraga, Colombia

You can watch the panel discussions from the day here: