Wearing Black to protest Gender Inequality at the Golden Globes

This year, actresses are planning to wear all-black to the Golden Globes award show on January 7th to protest sexual harassment and gender inequality. In light of the #MeToo movement, many actresses in Hollywood have spoken up about sexual harassment and assault, which has plagued the industry for years. In the past, many celebrities have worn pins or accessories to award shows as a sign of support for certain causes. The all-black movement will be the first time that actresses have come together in a “full show of sartorial solidarity,” according to Entertainment Weekly.


It was announced recently that male actors will also participate in the all-black movement, standing in solidarity with women in a protest against gender inequality. While the gesture is appreciated, it has also received some criticism since most men wear black for formal attire anyway.



In a criticism by Mic.com, the author wrote, “Don’t most men who attend the Globes come cloaked in either all-black or mostly black, with a black suit and black shoes and a black tie, anyway? . . . Black is the color that for years has been worn by people who don’t want to be noticed. To try to make a statement with the color doesn’t feel right.”


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