Welcome to the Rough Side of the Mountain

Have you ever dealt with parental incarceration and felt guilt or shame about it, like you are the only one? Have you ever faced self-identity issues, insecurities or cultural discrimination?

Have you ever dealt with financial difficulty? Are you a millennial or Gen Zer who wants some inspiration in the form of juicy tea? Do you want a new book for your book club or class to read, engage and analyze? Do you want to build up your personal brand or tap into your purpose, but you don’t quite know how or where to start? Do you have children or teenage children who seem to be living recklessly/aimlessly, or feel as though they need some direction or motivation? Do you want an easy, fun read with a roller coaster of emotions and events?

We're SO EXCITED to share that Peace First Fellow and ScholarCHIPS founder Yasmine Arrington is writing a book! She's answering the questions above to share her story and inspire others to join her as she fights injustice with faith, courage, compassion and collaboration.

Help her get published here.