White nationalist march in Poland garners huge support


White nationalist protest during Poland's Independence Day



Over the weekend, an estimated 60,000 people marched in a protest for white nationalism in Poland. The country was celebrating its 99th Independence Day since regaining independence in 1918 after World War I. In recent years, white nationalist groups have been attracting tens of thousands of supporters to protests on Independence Day. These groups are calling for an ethnically pure Poland with fewer Jews, Muslims, and gay people.


The march this weekend was one of the largest white nationalist marches in Europe. While most people who joined the march were Poles, other protesters came from all over Europe. They wore masks and waved red and white Polish flags. Marching through the streets of Warsaw, protesters burned flares and chanted harsh sayings such as "Pray for Islamic Holocaust."


“Critics argue that the Polish government, which has struck a nationalistic tone and linked immigrants to crime and disease, has fostered an atmosphere of intolerance and xenophobia” via CNN.


These protests calling for a "White Europe" show there is still much work to be done to encourage compassion, peace, and love for all people.


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