"For women to be equal to men, we have to fight for it." -Alice Tapper, 5th-Grade student and Girl Scout

Alice Tapper is a 5th-grade student and already seeing the differences in the ways her male and female students engage with school. On a field trip, she noticed the boys in her class student at the front and actively raised their hands, leaving the girls in the back, quietly watching.

This was Alice's moment of obligation. She took this experience and began having conversations with other young girls, like those in her girl scout troop. Realizing what she saw was "normal", she decided to take action.

Using her community of Girl Scouts, Alice sought to address this disparity in engagement through the brand-new "Raise Your Hand" badge, which encourages Girl Scouts to take a risk and raise their hand.

Read all about Alice's story, in her own words, in the New York Times.

And if you have your own idea for a project like Alice's, you can start it here.