Women in Politics

It indeed a very daring action joining the male-dominated world of Nigerian politics. Contesting elections in Nigeria is a daunting challenge for women. It is more overwhelming for those from the northern part of Nigeria . It’s so unfortunate that women are misunderstood to be indecent and irresponsible in the political sphere. Women’s political participation in Nigeria is an issue of concern, with a continuing record of women's underrepresentation in elective positions. It is so evident that women in Nigeria today still suffer a lot of discrimination. The low level of participation of women in almost all sector is becoming so disturbing and indeed alarming. And it’s all because in most families, parents prefer to send their sons to school, instead of their daughters whom they feel will eventually get married and get incorporated into another family. Also, other several obstacles have been identified that generally prevent women from advancing to political spheres. They include socio-cultural beliefs, attitudes, and stereotypes as major barriers. These emphasize the superiority of men and the inferiority of women..So as a young activist, I strongly believe its our rights for our voices to be heard and we need to be courageous to stand up for ourselves. I know being a strong woman is hard, but I believe it is very necessary.