WOW! Team Fig's Website!

Team Fig joined the Peace First Challenge last year to develop their project "Food For Thought", which aims to end lunch shaming in schools and provide a way for families without financial strain to provide for students on reduced or free-lunch plans. Their work is driven by their compassion for their peers and if finding success because of their collaborative spirit.

"While governments, laws, and budgets may change, we believe that community ties are long lasting. Food for Thought reflects this in that it will make it easy and accessible for people to donate to help limit and possibly stop school lunch inequality and its byproduct food shaming."

Recently, Team Fig launched their website - - where you can see what they're up to and learn how you can support their incredible work. Take special note of how sleek and stylish the website is - BEAUTIFUL!

Join Team Fig and a global community of peacemakers and start your own community project (with $250 provided by Peace First!!) today!

RaulPF C.

December 21, 2017

Love the website!