Yale fights for Gender-Neutral bathrooms

Students walk on the campus of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. PHOTO CREDITS: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

In a year where we’ve discussed bathrooms on a national scale more than anyone could imagine, the fight for transgender rights continues at Yale University. In the 315-year old building that is Yale’s law school, there are several single-occupant bathrooms that the university would like to declare as “gender-neutral.”   After receiving complaints from law students that there weren’t enough gender-neutral restrooms at the school, the university tried to designate its single-user bathrooms as gender-neutral but was blocked by the state’s building code. The State of Connecticut requires single-user bathrooms to be labeled for “Men” or “Women,” an antiquated building code that was intended to promote equality for women back when there were far fewer restrooms for women to use.  

Equal access now demands that people should be able to pee in whatever bathroom is closest to them, and that building regulations should not frustrate the attempts to provide gender-neutral access.” ~ Elie Mystal, Above the Law

  Yale University is now suing the State of Connecticut to allow single-user bathrooms to be designated as gender-neutral and meet code requirements both at the university and for all buildings in Connecticut. This would bring justice to transgender students and another safe haven to the growing number of cities, including New York, Washington, San Francisco and Austin, who now require all single-user restrooms to be gender neutral.  

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Woo-hoo! Go Yale and its' students for fighting for equality!!!!