Your Voice Will Be Heard: Claudia Olaes Run for Office

Peace First Challenger, Claudia Olaes, was featured in Teen Vogue's Running! series, which spotlights young people getting involved in the government.

"Claudia ran with the tagline “Your Voice Will Be Heard,” which was inspired by the frustration she has felt over the last few years. Her family has sent numerous letters to her governor, attorney general, state representative, and numerous other government-affiliated offices, about everything from education to rights for individuals with disabilities, and Claudia tells Teen Vogue that they have simply “fallen on deaf ears.” She ran to change that.

"Claudia "was, and continues to be, fueled by her passion for education and support for individuals with disabilities and their families. Her top priority, if elected, was “reducing the role of bureaucracy” in the system schooling America’s youth. In the United States, Claudia says she believes that there is a “top down, factory style bureaucracy currently powering education,” and what is needed for long-lasting positive impact on education is a renewed “focus on the American dream of increasing learning and achievement, decreasing poverty, building employability and reducing conflict between races and classes.” Claudia herself is a testament to the boundary-breaking power of youthful energy and passion. In high school, she was both valedictorian and served as the captain of the varsity boys tennis team, and made history when she won the 2017 Ohio Boys Tennis Sectional Tournament among others as a female player. She also co-founded an initiative called Ethan88, which raises money for important causes."

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