Youth Empower Coalition

We've joined the Women's March Youth Empower Coalition, aimed at empowering young people to vote and take actions to transform their communities. This is a gross generational coalition led by young people like Winter Minisee, a 17 year-old Californian who's been working with the Women's March since the beginning and was a leader of the #NationalSchoolWalkout:

“I think that what I’m most proud about is that we were able to shift the narrative surrounding gun violence from being something very focused on these mass shootings which affected predominantly white areas to something that is more intersectional and covers all sorts of gun violence."

Now, Winter and Empower are shifting their focus to voting to ensure the voices and ideas of young people are going to be heard.

They're empowering young people to register and vote and working to make voting and the language around it to be more accessible and inclusive:

“This year is very important with the fact that it is midterm elections and if our elected officials don’t want to listen to us we can force them to listen by taking our fight to the polls."

Read more about the coalition and Winter in Teen Vogue here.