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Creative Me
Creative Me

Samrat started project, “Creative Me” after learning the real reason kids were leaving the classroom. “I have seen a lot of children quitting school at an early age. When I talk with them, most of the time the reasoning around dropping out isn’t poverty or lack of resources-- they quit school simply because it’s boring.” 

Hearing about the lack of interest in the classroom hit close to home for Samrat. “I am from a rural part of the country; away from the new technologies and resources. Most of the education I got lacked innovation and was focussed within the book. There was no exploration of art or creative thinking for the students, mainly because there were very limited resources. I watched many childhood friends leave school. My aim is to help kids think about school as a fun place and I am trying to do that with the help of art and paintings.”

Samrat knew it was time to start creating a plan of action to get the kids in Nepal back into the classroom. “I was brainstorming with my friend about what we could do to help, and “Creative Me” was born. The best part about Creative Me, is that it can be implemented with a small budget, minimal resources and in a short time but the impact can be huge. Creative Me gets kids going back to school and helps prevent them from quitting.” 
By collaborating with schools and teachers and Peace First, Samrat piloted the first Creative Me program and saw some amazing things happen. “We teach kids about art, crafts and help provide materials to the school. After our first project, the teacher shared that they are trying to include art in the teaching process and students are excited. The kids also want us to do the event again. For the significant change the project needs to be done in regularly with adequate training to the teacher and sufficient materials for the school. But from this one project we know the impact can be great and we can stop large number kids from quitting school.”
The Future of Creative Me is looking bright and Samrat is developing a strategy on how to expand and reach more young people. “We can not be available in every school every day. So, we are planning to train the teachers about art so that they could then teach the kids. It would also be efficient if we could establish an art class with all the necessary materials.” In the long term, Sanrat sees Creative Me working to promote arts and crafts all around the country. “We are also planning programs focused on developing people's lifestyle through art and crafts. I think we would also be working on giving quality education to the students through established of library in the rural areas. But those are just the plans for now, we will see how much we can achieve.”
Samrat defines Peacemaker as someone willing to go the extra mile to create change, big or small. “Being a Peacemaker means being able to find the injustice present in society and doing something to eradicate it. The injustice could be small, and affecting only a small group of people, or it might affect many people. No matter the nature of injustice, if I am able to work against it and bring positive change to people, I would consider myself as a successful Peacemaker.” 

Samrate believes young people can change the world. “Young people are powerful basically because they have got lots of time to make mistakes, learn from it and do it all over again. Also, people believe in us. They are always encouraging us and ready to support us. And Yes, the physical strength is a bonus.”