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TRIBE is an education enterprise working to reimagine secondary education. It was founded on a simple principle that an empowered young person can create significant social change. Through their work, they want to inspire and empower a new generation of purpose-driven young problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, innovators and storytellers.

Based in Liberia, this team of entrepreneurial and innovative young people are building innovative solutions that will power high schools and get students and youth excited about learning skills they can actually use to find jobs or create jobs and thrive in the 21st century.



Aim of the project 

TRIBE is creating innovative programs and digital solutions to prepare young high school students for the future of work and empower local enterprises to become productive.

Workforce development efforts mostly focus on post-secondary education, leaving a large cohort of young students transitioning out of high schools with limited skills, resources and opportunities to succeed in college, obtain quality jobs or launch entrepreneurial ventures. This is why we see a large numbers of unemployed and unproductive young people. We want to identify, harness, and transform these young people before they become lost.

The “Ask”

  • Technology Volunteer: Someone who will support their communications and marketing team by creating content and designing cool stuff for social and multimedia. An ideal technology volunteer will know how to design awesome graphics, capture and edit photos, shoot and edit videos if and when necessary. Read more about the role here.
  • Development Volunteer: This person will support their business development team in solving complex problems and building systems and processes. An ideal candidate will be able to design impact models, conduct in-depth research and analysis on donors and philanthropic initiatives, write grant proposals and design new programs. Read more about the role here.


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