Understand through Compassion

"There is a power when you are vulnerable. When you are honest people rally to support you. People are inherently good. We want to do good. We want to be better".
– Matthew

Once you know the problem you wish to tackle, the next step is to understand the issue in a deeper way to uncover a powerful solution. In a peacemaking project, the core to creating a solution is understanding other people’s positions and points of view in order to understand the complexity of a problem, its root causes and possible solutions.

These are some of the tools we have developed and tested to help you navigate through this stage:

U1 - Talking to Others: How do others view the injustice?

U2 - Problem and Solutions Trees: What are the root causes?

U3 - Imagining the Future: What obstacles are preventing your desired future?

U4 - Compassionate Insights: How can you show compassion for those experiencing the injustice?