Where We Work: Global Impact

Our Global Footprint

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Since launching the Peace First Challenge in 2017:

23,000+ individuals from 150 countries have joined our community 

11,000+ projects have been created in 150 countries 

1,650+ projects have received funding from Peace First to carry out their plans

46+ projects have been accelerated, receiving second stage grants and additional training

1.5 million individuals have been engaged by youth-led projects worldwide, based on final reports submitted by young people.


Our Impact on Young People and Their Communities

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Young people who participate report growth in their agency, courage, compassion and collaboration and develop key skills to continue their journey as change agents: 

  • 92% report greater confidence in their skills and abilities to create change. 
  • 95% are more likely to stand up for someone affected by an injustice.
  • 95% are more likely to stick with their social change projects, even when things get hard. 
  • 93% are more likely to respect and work to understand people who are different from them. 
  • 86% report building relationships with people with a different worldview. 

Youth-led projects have a direct, tangible impact on young people’s communities across a wide range of issue areas. Every project is unique -- we support young people to tackle any injustice they are passionate about. We have supported projects across all 16 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as projects addressing additional cross-cutting themes. 




Our Approach to Monitoring & Evaluation

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Peace First supports young people to carry out projects addressing any injustice anywhere in the world. This means that every project is unique, though all projects advance youth leadership and support our vision of creating a more just and peaceful world. We seek to create impact across three levels: young people develop key skills and make direct gains in their agency, courage, compassion and collaboration, communities are tangibly impacted by young people’s projects, and through strategic storytelling work, we seek to shift narratives about young people’s role. We track our reach through our digital platform and seek to understand our impact through a mix of qualitative and quantitative data submitted to us by the young people who take part in our programs. Young people answer surveys about how the experience has impacted them and their communities and submit end-of-project reflections where they share their observations and analysis of the impact their projects created in their communities. We also conduct periodic interviews of young people to deepen our understanding of their experiences and observations of the change they see in their communities. 


To learn more, check out our 2019-2020 Annual Evaluation Findings.


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