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Peace First began funding projects in Latin America in 2019, and since then have grown rapidly in the region as a result of word-of-mouth organizing by tremendous young champions, particularly in Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica. Our programs support young social change leaders across Latin America to take action to solve problems in their communities, and we’ve helped young people create edtech platforms, preserve local culture, and advocate for educational equity and reform.


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project arbo

Projecto Arbo
Projecto Arbo provides access to free, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to everyone in the community, especially those with limited means.!




Fellow in Residence & Regional Manager, Latin America

Fellows-in-Residence Mariano

Mariano Miranda
My work at Peace First takes me across the region scouting for great projects to support and fund. I am inspired by the ability of young people to spark change. Personally, I am passionate about identifying opportunities to leverage technology to improve access to education, financial services, etc!